There are a three things you need to get right to view movies from an external drive on a television:. The disc USB drive in your case needs to be in the correct format. The movies need to be in a format recognised by your TV. If how ever you don't have a USB port on your television, you can burn the movie onto a disk.

Just google around if you don't know how to do that, and it should be pretty easy to find. If none of the other methods work then go back to basics and hook your TV up to your laptop or desktop via an HDMI cable.

Does your computer has speakers? If yes,then they will serve as sound system for you. If you watch movies using any kind of media player like VLC ,then you can control the volume from its interface. You would need a separate cable to carry sound.

The same applies for DVI. If they both do, that would be the best option for you because once connected through a HDMI cable, it would carry both video and sound.

If it is over that, it is probably formatted with NTFS.

how to play exfat on tv

If your drive is formatted with fat32, the only other thing you have to make sure is that the video files you have are compatible with the TV, to be played. Jeff, already gave you some links with similar questions to this. There have been a lot of questions similar to this in the past. There are a three things you need to get right to view movies from an external drive on a television: 1. Dave Parrack. Dinesh Chauhan. Susendeep Dutta.

Jeff Fabish. Ads by Google.How do I solve this problem? Please help. Need, you have to verify the compatibility of the HDD File system on the tv. If the file system is not supported, you have to convert it. Second, for play a movie, you have to go in the menu of the tv for playing files on a external source. I will suggest to use a HDD that can use an external power source because your TV won't provide enough juice to make it work.

Will NTFS HDD work on my LG TV?

TV should have USB enabled assuming it is. Movie format should be one of those supported by your TV. Make sure your TV's built in media player can read the video formats of movies stored in your external hdd.

how to play exfat on tv

The best thing you can do is format it in FAT32 despite the low maximum file size as this will be supported by almost all systems.

Otherwise most devices won't be able to access it even if it is formatted in FAT I don't think the format is supported by the TV. Hope this helps. I did some digging on the internet and its a mess Apparently, these tv's sometimes read external HDD and sometimes not. First off, I read in a post by samsung that external HDDs are not supported but I was unable to find anything to back that up.

Secondly, if the HDD you are using does not have an external power source then it won't work. There is not enough power provided by the TV to run it. If I were you I would use an apple tv and just stream the files through a computer over the network. Or if that's not an option I would use a flash drive people have more luck using them with a tv then HDDs even though its a hassle a good memory stick can hold a decent amount of videos. Benjamin Macias November 29, Nicola De Ieso. Douglas Mutay.

Nikhil Goswami. Nikhil Chandak. Eath Chantrea. Jesse Manalansan. Abba Jee. Jan Fritsch. Junil Maharjan.Deals Amazon deals Bargain threads Classified adverts. Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. What's new New posts Latest activity. Search forums. Log in. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter McG9 Start date Dec 6, McG9 Standard Member. Trollslayer Distinguished Member. This would check that the TV could handle the file system withotu reformatting any of your hard drives.

Thanks for the reply mate. Will update this thread accordingly. Last edited: Dec 6, ScottyToo Novice Member.

How To Format A Hard Drive For Samsung TV HD

That's what my LM manual says. That being the case it suggests you can only use if for recording and playing back.

I'd also like to be able to move files to and from. ScottyToo said:. Think OP just wants to play files from a hard drive, not set up a hard disk for recording with TV, a standard NTFS formatted drive works fine for playing files.

Last edited: Dec 10, Could do That is one of my concerns hehehe. So you must convert to NTFS. It is simple as given above. You must log in or register to reply here. Similar threads J. General TV Discussions Forum. Lg uf will not read ntfs usb drive Started by bigdaddy May 5, Replies: 5.If so, you should read this post to know how to solve it. With the development of technology, more and more smart products appear. Nowadays, if you plan to buy a TV, you probably want to buy a smart TV.

What is smart TV? A smart TV applies Internet technology, has an open operating system and an open application platform, and can realize two-way human-computer interaction function. It integrates audio-visual, entertainment, data and other functions to meet the diversified and individual needs of users. On the smart TV, you can enjoy the ordinary TV content, web search, Internet TV, video on demand VODdigital music, online news, online video telephony, online games, and other various application services.

At the same time, you can install and uninstall application software on smart TV, and enjoy the video and audio content stored on your USB flash drive with a smart TV. Every smart TV manufacturer is committed to giving viewers a better experience, and Samsung is no exception. Samsung smart TV is a popular smart TV product. It uses Tizen operating system, which is developed by Samsung based on Linux kernel.

Tizen system has advantages of no freeze in long-term use and no advertisement. But it also has an obvious defect that it doesn't allow you to install software freely. But you can still make the best use of its large screen to enjoy the videos or photos on your USB flash drive.

how to play exfat on tv

Surely, you can check the exact supported Samsung smart TV file systems, Samsung smart TV USB video format, image format, and audio format in its notes and instructions interface. You can refer to the following brief tutorial. The common method is reformatting. You can reformat the USB flash drive on your computer. But before you reformat the USB drive, please back up the content on it in advance.

If the files are few, you can use cut and paste feature in Windows. If there are a huge number of files, you can use copy partition feature of MiniTool Partition Wizard to back up files easily this feature is free when you don't use it to copy disks containing OS. Free Download. Step 2: Choose a destination location where the partition is copied to and click Next button. Step 3: Adjust the size and location of the new partition and click Finish.

Step 4: Preview the new partition and click Apply button if it's OK. And then, you can reformat the USB flash drive. MiniTool Partition Wizard is versed in disk management. You can use it to reformat the USB flash drive quickly.

How to Format USB Flash drive for Samsung Smart TV Easily [Partition Magic]

Step 2: Choose a file system and click OK on the pop-up window. Step 3: Click Apply button to carry out the pending operations. This method is recommended first because sometimes Windows was unable to complete the format. Disk Management is a piece of built-in disk management software.

You can reformat the USB flash drive in it. Step 2: Enter " diskmgmt. And then press Enter key to open Disk Management. Step 4: Choose a proper file system and keep other parameters as default.

Then, click OK button to start the reformatting process.Forgot your password? Or sign in with one of these services. Register now to gain access to our webOS user support forum.

You'll be able to customize your profile, receive reputation points, while also communicating with other members via your own private inbox, plus much more! The free-open-source software ntfs-3g its not good enough because it takes about 3hours to write a 4k movie 64GB on a USB3. But I must clear up some misunderstandings:. It was meant to replace FAT32 because of the filesize limitations. But the biggest problem with NTFS is actually that it is closed source and support in other OS'es than windows is either made by: a.

Which is the solution Linux and Mac has chosen, and the reason Mac and earlier Linux defaulted to mount readonly. They didn't want to risk destroying anything.

So while I do agree with Microsoft that we need a new filesystem. I don't think a proprietary filesystem is the solution, for storage that is meant to be used in a lot of different devices based on different OS'es.

Could it be a solution to split the MKV's to multipart? I haven't tried but maybe WebOS will play them seamlessly.

What I did was connect the external harddisk to the Mac and install Plex on the Mac. Do you connect through wifi or cable? What kind of movie files do you stream? Normaly I stream p movies because of the discspace but it works without problems with a p movie file. The filetypes you can stream can be found on the Plex website. LG please do something, it's now free. This software does everything I need. The good thing it does not matter how your drive is formatted.

I can open my films from ext4 formatted disk on my TV. You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Paste as plain text instead. Only 75 emoji are allowed. Display as a link instead. Clear editor. Upload or insert images from URL.Like us to stay up to date with the AskMeFast community and connect with other members. Answered Unanswered. Visitors to this page also searched for:. What would you like to ask? Please check and try again.

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Consumer Electronics. Chemistry Engineering Mathematics Physics. Can samsung tv read exfat flash? How to make a exfat play on a samsung smart tv. Asked by: giovannigiovanni. Ads by Google. This site is best viewed while logged in.

Top Solutions. Download and Install SwissKnife to your computer I dont think it can read exfat. Try formatting Add your answer. Suggested Solutions 10 What's this? Connect your HDD to computer 3. Launch SwissKnife 4.

Click "Partition and Quick Format" 5. Select your HDD drive 6. Select NTFS file system format 7. Enter a Name for your hdd and select "Quick Format" 8. Click Start to begin the formatting 9. Was this answer helpful?It also briefly introduces exFAT allocation unit size that you may care about.

how to play exfat on tv

FAT32 uses space more efficiently through small cluster size. It is a robust and flexible file system as well. The most outstanding feature of this file system is that it makes up for the limit of FAT32, maximum file 4GB in size. Allocation unit size, also known as cluster size, is the smallest amount of disk space that can be used to hold a file.

However, Command Prompt will format a partition without specifying cluster size. The matter that affects how you choose cluster size is based on your own needs. To be specific, if you have lots of small files, it is suggested to keep the cluster size small to avoid space waste. On the contrary, if you have a lot of large files to store, keep the cluster size higher will reduce the number of units and speed up reading and writing.

Please note that some large files use small units, and they just large in size. For example, system files needs small allocation unit size to improve performance. If you have no idea about your file size and unit, Default is a good choice. It will choose a proper cluster size for your USB stick based on the partition size.

Help re problem displaying photos on USB stick on a TV

In the first place, connect your USB drive to your computer and make sure it can be detected. The exFAT formatting progress should be completed in a short while. If you partitioned USB key in multiple partitions before, you can clean the drive, create a new primary partition and then format it to exFAT entirely.

Right click your flash drive and select Format…. In the pop-up window, choose exFAT and do the formatting. What should you do in that case? Cluster size option varies from 0. Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8. Free download this tool and have a try.

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