Quick Links. Table of Contents. Users ManUal. Sprinkler timers with built-in wireless remote control 28 pages. This work is the property of Fluid p In wet environments like a valve box it is recommended to use Orbit Grease Caps to prevent corrosion of the connection and for protection from water infiltration. Page 8: Connect Electrical Power 4. Connect Electrical Power conduit and electrical fittings be used to connect exterior wall- mounted equipment to AC power. Please check local codes.

Any Indoor Locations — insert the power cord into an V electrical permanent connection should be made by a licensed electrical outlet. Annual replacement is recommended. Page 10 Example: Bill just planted new grass seed and wants to water Days of the Week three times per day.

The opening and closing of the valve is VAlVe accomplished through electrical current supplied by the sprinkler timer. Typically located at the main water source. Faulty solenoid connection 2. Wire damaged or severed one or more valves do not turn on 3.

Flow control stem screwed down, shutting valve off 4. Programming is incorrect 1. Water pressure is too high stations turn on when they 2. These limits are designed to provideAn Orbit sprinkler timer executes a programmed watering schedule for the installed and connected automatic sprinklers in your lawn and garden.

The Orbit sprinkler timer can operate in automatic, semiautomatic or manual fashion. It features multiple programs that allow you to specify more than one watering schedule for your sprinklers.

Once your sprinklers and Orbit timer are installed, you need to know how to set up watering times and days on the timer before leaving home for extended periods of time. Push the "Reset" button located in the bottom-right corner to clear all previously programmed data if you're programming the Orbit sprinkler timer for the first time. Use the "Up" and "Down" buttons located to the right of the display to adjust the current time, and push "Enter" located below the Up and Down buttons.

Push the Up and Down buttons to adjust the current year, and push Enter. Push the Up and Down buttons to adjust the current month, and push Enter. Twist the dial to "Start Times A " to adjust the watering schedule for program A.

The display shows an "A" and a flashing cursor beside "Cycle Start Time 1. Twist the dial to the "Station Duraton A " to set the watering duration for program A. The display shows an "A" and "Mins. Hold the Up or Down button until the watering duration you desire is displayed. Push "Next" and continue to set water duration times for each start time. Twist the dial to "Days of the Week A " to specify watering days.

An "A" appears on the display and the cursor blinks below the days of the week. Push "Enter" to activate a watering day. An arrow appears under the specified day and the cursor moves to the next day of the week.

How to Install a Sprinkler System - A DIY Guide

Push "Next" to skip a watering day until all days are programmed. Twist the dial to "Auto" to program a rain delay into the Orbit timer. Push the "Rain Delay" button located on the lower-left corner to prevent the system from watering for a day. Push the "Rain Delay" button again to prolong watering for two days and again for three days. Push "Enter" to save the delay settings.

Orbit 56544 Manual

Whitney Houston began writing in Houston attended St. Edward's University, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in photocommunications photography and digital imaging. Hunker may earn compensation through affiliate links in this story. Push "Next" to advance the current watering station to the next one. Step 1. Step 2. Step 3.Quick Links. Download this manual. Remove the tray on the back of the timer by sliding or. NOTE: Firmly replace the battery tray to ensure water.

You will know the. Used up or dead batteries must be removed from the timer. Replace batteries when low. Do not dispose of batteries. Batteries may explode or leak. Users may use watering schedules [B] and [C] for. Watering schedule [A] is automatically selected and. NOTE: Timer will not function without at least watering. A box is placed.

Sprinkler Timers

Both Station 1 and Station 2 will water. To remove a station from watering schedule [A]. Station 1 or Station 2. Press the - button to toggle the. NOTE: The timer will not function without at least one. Selected schedule will be blinking. Use watering schedules [B] and [C] if you.We purchase every product we review with our own funds — we never accept anything from product manufacturers.

A lush, green lawn can serve as the crowning jewel of your property. To keep your grass healthy, it often takes a good sprinkler system to maintain proper hydration — particularly in hot, dry weather.

But remembering to turn your sprinkler on and off can be difficult when you lead a busy life, and your lawn can suffer as a result. Fortunately, you can program a water timer to turn your sprinklers or irrigation system on and off automatically. With a water timer installed on your property, brown, crunchy grass becomes a thing of the past. You need to know what type, zone quantity, programs, and other features would best meet your watering needs. At BestReviews, we can help you make sense of all the water timer options on the market.

We consult with experts to get deeper insights into products, and we field-test top contenders to make sure they meet the highest standards. We never accept products from manufacturers either, so you can trust our recommendations are completely unbiased.

For general tips on shopping for a water timer, continue reading this shopping guide. A water timer is a device that connects to a sprinkler or irrigation system to control the water flow to the system. It allows you to set a schedule for watering your lawn and other garden features, so the sprinklers automatically turn on and off on the days and at the times that work best for your landscape. Water timers are usually fairly easy to install; you may be able to set yours up as a DIY project.

orbit 4 zone water timer

Convenience: A water timer makes watering your lawn extremely convenient. Optimization: The timer allows you to water your lawn at the optimal times. And with more advanced water timers, you can be sure to water your lawn the optimal amount. No over-watering or under-watering problems to worry about; these advanced timers can detect rain and moisture and adjust the amount of water that flows to the system.

Some water timers are mechanical in design. To program the timer, you must manually move sliders or switches. Digital water timers feature a digital screen without any moving parts.

They utilize integrated circuits to provide the clock, memory, and programming features. Some have a touchscreen to make operation even easier. All digital water timers provide a wider array of features than mechanical timers, but they also tend to cost more than mechanical timers.

Best Water Timers

Water timers use different power sources, including batteries, solar power, and electrical power. Many water timers run on batteries, so you can use them anywhere in your yard without worrying about whether an electrical source is nearby. Depending on how often you use the timer, the batteries may require frequent replacing. For best results, program the rain sensor on your timer to shut off when it detects half an inch of rain or more. Warm-season grasses like St.Summer is just around the corner!

We find the summer sun to be unbearable at times, but our gardens and lawns thrive in the warm weather. Lots of sunlight is perfect for most plants, but water is just as important.

Watering timers ensure that your plants and garden get the hydration they need in a routine way. This helps them grow better in the summer and reach their true potential. Here are some of the best watering timers on the market right now. There are many reasons to invest in a good watering timer. All timers come with a built-in watering system that turns on and off based on your settings.

This can help an avid gardener in many ways. If you expect to be out of town, your garden is still taken care of because of your watering timer. Another feature some timers have is a rain delay setting. This allows you to pause your current watering schedule for a day or two on account of the rain. This helps you save water and money as your plants take in natural watering through the rain.

Some watering timers also have a manual bypass feature. This means that you can water by hand without disrupting the watering schedule. Lastly, one of the major benefits of using a watering timer is the efficiency behind it all.

orbit 4 zone water timer

With a timer, you can set it and forget it, all the while reaping the beauty of a well-hydrated garden. Many amateur gardeners think that a good garden is built through lots of hard work and time.

But, in reality, the best gardeners work smarter, not harder. These watering timers help achieve that, as they are one of the biggest assets to have in your lawn.

orbit 4 zone water timer

The current gardening market is filled with many options for timers. Here are some of the best you can pick from.

The first product is the Orbit programmable hose timer. Plus, it comes at a good price. Orbit has designed several great gardening products, and this one is no different. This programmable faucet attaches onto your garden hose and turns it on and off.

You have several options for choosing a schedule with this product. You can have the water turn on as frequently as every six hours or as occasionally as once a week. You also choose how long the water runs for. It can be turned on from one minute to four hours. The installation process is fairly simple. All you have to do is attach this directly to your water faucet outside. Next is the Orbit mechanical water timer. Another good product from Orbit, this one is a bit less technical than the previous one.

In this way, that changes a lot about the design in one go. This dial is simpler to use, but some may prefer a digital interface to it. Another big difference lies in the amount of time you can water with this for.

This mechanical timer can keep the water running from around 15 minutes to two hours. This timer is also built to be very sturdy and durable.Here at Walmart. Your email address will never be sold or distributed to a third party for any reason. Due to high volume, we can't respond to individual comments. Your feedback helps us make Walmart shopping better for millions of customers. Skip to main content. Switch to Walmart app. Local Store. Savings spotlight. School savings.

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orbit 4 zone water timer

Cell Phones. Wearable Technology. Smart Home. Portable Audio. Computer Software. Shop onn. Shop All Fashion. Featured Shops. Featured Brands. Premium Brands. Shop All Home. Home Savings.It has simple controls and a large display for effective use. Special features: Quick set up, easy to use, heavy-duty construction, weatherproof design, brass swivel, saves water.

Special features: Automated watering, simple setup, multiple durations, one dial controls, rain delay, no digging, 2 programmable valves, expandable system.

Special features: Timed watering, manual bypass, durable design, weatherproof, easy to use, easy to install, LCD display, rain delay feature. Special features: Complete control via the app, smart watering, weather sense technology, durable, saves water, expandable system, easy to install, easy to use, weatherproof.

Special features: 2 programmable valves, one manual valve, one dial controls, rain delay feature, waterproof design, 2 AA batteries, saves water, LCD screen. Special features: Automatic operation, easy on, easy off, single dial control, timed watering settings, water saving ability, easy to install.

Special features: Easy timer, oversized dial, durable construction, easy attachment, ergonomic swivel, manual water override, corrosion resistant. Special features: 2 outlets, 6 year warranty, weatherproof, improved brass top, battery powered, rain delay feature, brass swivel connector, durable steel material. Special features : 3 outlets, easy to program, easy to use, rain delay feature, manual bypass system, conserves water, digital timer, large display, durable, weather resistant.

A: No, it will not. Orbit water timers are made of tough materials that make them weatherproof.

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